Strange Aeons

In Search of Sanity Part 3

Negotiating With Winter

After dragging the unconscious bodies of your friends back to the guards, they helped you get them healed and conscious again and with the bodies of the doppelgangers provided, they ultimately decided to let you past and speak with their leader, Winter Klaczka , a priestess of Pharasma who has taken charge as the leader of this band of survivors. She offered you her aid and what answers she could in return for your assistance in helping out the other Briarstone Survivors in the chapel. You agreed and took to helping with the chores of preparing food, chopping firewood, healing a lad’s broken leg, and helping a nurse get one of the patients to take his medicine.

Winter then sat down with you and advised you of what she knew of the situation. She told you she was a priestess of Pharasma sent to Thrushmoor to investigate why Count Lowls had abandoned his duties, by a Royal Accuser named Omari. Her companions continued on to Thrushmoor while she came to Briarstone, having heard that Lowls had frequent business here. She didn’t know who you were or why you were here. She also informed you that the current state of the asylum was due in part to a revolt, a patient uprising, led by a patient named Ulver Zandalus. She didn’t know much about Ulver other than that he was apparently a quiet patient who suffered from night terrors. He was a poet and an artist whose work was disturbing, but who always seemed peaceful. She doesn’t know why there are doppelgangers and ghouls in the asylum, but apparently the night before the uprising,
many of the patients and staff had nightmares about exactly the same kind of things that are wandering the halls now. She knows that the yellow mist seems to surround the entire asylum and has been blocking their escape. She then pleaded with you to help them find a way to escape. She assured you that the Royal Accusers would reward you well if you helped them get out. She advised you then that beyond the thing growing on the eastern door should be the main entryway to the asylum. She hopes that you can find a way out there.
You then investigated the strange fungal eye growing on the door toward the entry hall. It seemed altogether unnatural, and when Connor tried to scrape off some of the fungus, it lashed out at him and cried out “What have I become?” Eventually you decided to show it a mirror to show it what it was and the thing dissipated.
Beyond the door you came upon the large entry hall. You investigated one room that appeared to have been barricaded from the inside. Within that room you found a number of patients and orderlies dead with bags over their heads and cinched around their necks.
One of you recalled that this was the M.O. of an infamous local serial killer some 30 years ago called “The Bag Lady”, who you surmised might be one of the patients of this asylum.

You also investigated a finely appointed sitting room in which two men lay dead, one on the floor, and one impaled upon the antlers of a deer head mounted on the wall. Both of the bodies wore the yellow stained robes of the cultists you had encountered before. During your investigation, though, a bird cage filled with taxidermy stuffed birds started emitting an ear piercing alarm and Krakrox was lifted up into the air and dropped. You eventually destroyed the cage and the birds inside and the alarm stopped. That done you headed back to the main entryway to re-evaluate your options


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