Strange Aeons

In Search of Sanity - Part 4

Once more into the abyss

Having checked all the adjoining rooms from the entry hall, the party attempted to open the front door to see what it was like outside and if escape might be possible through the mists. Upon opening the door, they noticed that the yellow mist seemed to envelop the entire asylum and they could not see clearly more than 15-20 feet out. Furthermore, ominous shapes loomed in the mist, shadows of impossible things that seemed to shift right before you could grasp it's shape. Before the party could investigate that any further, a giant mass of tumorous flesh shambled it's way out of the mist towards the door. The party acted quickly and slammed the door shut to avoid dealing with whatever that was. 

The party attempted to venture out through the courtyard path at the center of the asylum, only to have Krakrox  be attacked by this winged, faceless demon creature. Chesna managed to down it with a knockout bolt from her hand crossbow, whereupon it was identified as a nightgaunt, and Connor attempted to dissect it only to find that it disintegrated into ash.  They followed along the courtyard path to a garden shed where they found stairs leading down into nothingness. The stairs just ended, the walls kept going and then opened up into a massive abyss. You threw a light down and saw that it fell for at least 200 feet. Not having any reason or means to venture down, the party left this as a big question mark and headed back. 

Having thus decided that the front door was not the easy exit they'd have liked it to be, and hoping to find out more about their forgotten past and identities, they decided further exploration of the asylum was in order. That night as they rested in the chapel, they spoke with Winter who was disappointed to hear that the front door was not the escape she'd hoped it was.  She suggested you seek out the asylum administrator, Elige Losandro, whose office is at the heart of the asylum. Winter suggested that Losandro might know more about who you all are and what's caused all this. Winter also urged that if you find any other survivors to lead them back to the chapel. 

With that done, the party ventured north into a massive library. There they were attacked by 3 rat-like humanoid creatures that chittered angrily at the party and threw books at them. Chesna identified them as ratlings, one of which surrendered when the others were killed. She called herself Genny Two-Tails and mentioned that the earthquakes had destroyed their lairs and they'd fled up here into Briarstone. She mentioned that they were now cut off from their brethren. She then fled and the party took a day to do some research in the library about Briarstone Asylum and island. 


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