Strange Aeons

In Search of Sanity Part 8

Continuing their investigations of the North eastern hallways, the party were attacked by ghouls who pushed a wall over onto them. They managed to fight the ghouls off. They found another room with several ghouls all clustered around a cage with a weird creature inside of it as well as an apparent survivor strung up to a bed propped against the wall. They managed to kill the ghouls. The thing in the cage escaped and joined the fight. It was identified as an Esipil, a sort of snake/dog aberration not native to this plane. They also freed the survivor who they brought back to the chapel. 

Continuing on, they came to what once was the showers, but now is a gruesome throne for a one-armed ghast. They dispatched these ghouls as well. And that's where we left off. 


RyanSprague RyanSprague

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