Connor Corbyn Myrven "The Mad" MacDonald

Gnomish Mad Scientist


Connors Field Journal

Post Amnesia Day 1

My name is Connor Corbyn Myrven “The Mad” MacDonald, of this I am sure but for the life of me I can not recall why I am referred to as “The Mad”. I do know that I am an alchemical genius perhaps the greatest alchemist of our age. Unfortunately most of my vast knowledge seem to be blocked from my consciousnesses along with my memories and I now find myself in an insane asylum along with a pair of humans and a half-orc who all seem to be in a similar situation as me. I am sure that there is a rational explanation for all of this and I am sure that with my intellect and the aid of my fellow amnesic associates all of these mysteries will be resolved.

Connor Corbyn Myrven "The Mad" MacDonald

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