Connor Corbyn Myrven "The Mad" MacDonald

Gnomish Mad Scientist


Current total HP: 26

Current XP:9220

Current Money: 44gp

Current Sanity: 33/43

Current inventory:

  • Lamellar (leather)
  • Gnome Hooked Hammer
  • Light Crossbow (27 bolts)
  • Candle of spirit protection
  • Incense of open thought
  • Oil of align weapon
  • Potion of cure light wound (2)
  • Scroll of fox’s cunning
  • Scroll of remove paralysis
  • Talisman of beneficial winds, greater
  • Talisman of healing power, lesser (1 use)
  • Talisman of warrior’s courage, lesser
  • Wand of Bless (18 charges)
  • Acid (1)
  • Alchemist’s fire (6)
  • Alchemist’s kindness (4)
  • Antitoxin (4)
  • Healer’s Kit (20 uses)
  • Opium (2)
  • Smelling salts (1)
  • Soothe Syrup (2)
  • Administrator’s Journal
  • Blood from Blood Fountain Haunt (3)
  • Briarstone Asylum Medical Journals (3)
  • “Connor Corben Myrven “The Mad” McDonald” Medical File
  • Connors Field Journal
  • Dr Arosh Chawaar/ Dr Anna Chawaar notes on Hydrocephalus
  • Sketches of Strange city from dreams (6)
  • “Ulver Zandalus” Medical File
  • Alchemy crafting kit
  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Belt pouch
  • Experiment Journal Alpha (Spell Book)
  • Harrow Deck
  • Ink, Black (3)
  • Inkpen
  • Mess Kit
  • Pot
  • Scholar’s outfit
  • Soap
  • Torch (9)
  • Trail ration (1)
  • Waterskin
  • Pearls (Wealth Level 6) (4)
Post Amnesia Day 1

My name is Connor Corbyn Myrven “The Mad” MacDonald, of this I am sure but for the life of me I can not recall why I am referred to as “The Mad”. I do know that I am an alchemical genius perhaps the greatest alchemist of our age. Unfortunately most of my vast knowledge seem to be blocked from my consciousnesses along with my memories and I now find myself in an insane asylum along with a pair of humans and a half-orc who all seem to be in a similar situation as me. I am sure that there is a rational explanation for all of this and I am sure that with my intellect and the aid of my fellow amnesic associates all of these mysteries will be resolved.

The strange dream I had about me running through the maze and being killed by a eery yellow mist still baffles me. The other three amnesic patients and myself seem to work well together both in combat and when investigating our surroundings. I suspect we might have known each other before the Amnesia.

The refugees we have come across have little in the way of useful information of the situation in and around the Asylum. They have however provided a safe place to rest and collect my thoughts which is useful in its own right.

Post Amnesia Day 2

As I explore the asylum with my companions I am able to collect a lot of data of the various things that we encounter but I have learned even more about my associates.

-Krakrox: a typical example of the Orcoid species, strong sturdy favoring simple solutions and little experience in academic matter. Despite his intellectual short comings, which Krakrox knowingly accepts, Krakrox has proven to be truly loyal companion and an excellent assistant. He seems quite happy to handle any and all heavy lifting and dangerous tasks I need.

In summary: Krakrox is highly useful though some guidance is requires.

-Chesna: An inquisitive and strong willed young woman with a healthy intellect and most importantly a collection of knowledge in fields that ,to my memory, I have not studied. Chesna also seems to be more socially adept than myself which makes her useful for gathering information for the people we come across. Chesna seems to also possess a strong desire to help any and all helpless humanoids we come across. Though I agree that it is a noble act to help the less fortunate, I fear that Chesna might go far beyond what is particle to help other. In these cases Her good deed may do more harm than good either to those she is helping or us.

In summary: Chesna’s knowledge and investigative skills will be invaluable, but will need to make sure that her humanitarian efforts to not get out of hand.

-Josiah: A priest of Desna, who, like most religious patrons, tends to rely on extraplanar beings to much explain things instead of more rational observations. However he is a quiet and well mannered individual who has yet to try to convert me to his way of thinking or condemn my scientific process are “heretical”.

In summary: Josiah is a very helpful man to have around to supply the divine aid as needed.

Connor Corbyn Myrven "The Mad" MacDonald

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