Half orc barbarian


Half-orc barbarian

Description: Current total HP: 48

Current XP:9220

Current Money: 170g, 1s

Current Sanity: 25/27

Current inventory:

ARMOR Breastplate WEAPON +1 warhammer Greataxe (holstered) +1 club (holstered) +1 heavy wooden shield Potion of protection from evil Oil of silence Stone of alarm Basiderond leaves Vial of night drops (3) Potion of vanish (2) Potion of cure light sounds (3) Oil of magic weapon (3) GEAR Artisan’s outfit Sailor’s outfit (worn) Cloak of resistance +1 (worn) Fancy boots (worn) Harot deck Backpack Blanket Belt pouch Cards Dice Flint and steel Marbles Mess Kit Pot Rope Soap Torch (5) Trail ration (5) Waterskin Wooden horse Little soldiers Jack-in-the-box WEALTH Signet Ring – Millair Family of Redleaft Lake Silver necklace of Shaolin Emerald, fine Necklace, silver Earrings, opal Ring, gold with diamonds Pearls (13) Comb, jade Bracelet, silver and amber



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