Strange Aeons

In Search of Sanity - Part 1
The Nightmare

As we begin, our four adventurers found themselves in a strange and alien looking city in a labyrinthine maze of crumbling, jagged, stone walls. The architecture defied all laws of physic and magic, and a rolling yellow fog was rushing towards them down the corridor. Within the fog they sensed a presence, and heard the steady pounding of enormous footsteps. 

Having no idea where they were, how they got there, what this thing was, or even who they were, they did the only logical thing and fled. Josiah was the slowest and as the group fled this fog, the yellow tendrils overtook Josiah, and shortly after he disappeared into the mist a wave of blood splattered out of the yellow mist and the blood splattered on the wall, spelling out the word "Help". Wren tried to use an illusion to block the thing's progress while Krakrox stood his ground, intending to try and scare the thing off. He roared into the mist only to be met with an unsettling chuckle. From the other side of the illusory wall, the 2 remaining adventurers, still fleeing saw another geyser of blood splatter over the illusory wall, again splashing on the side of the canyon and spelling out the word "Up". 

Connor dashed off trying to make an evasive maneuver, while Wren hid in an illusion. Ultimately the road that Connor dashed down he encountered the same swirling fog coming at him from that direction and the thing within the mist closed on him. Wren, from his hiding place saw another torrent of blood splatter from around the bend, splashing on the wall above him and spelling out the word "Me".  As Wren hid within the illusion he felt the thundering footsteps coming toward him, and he briefly saw the image of a humanoid figure, at least 12 feet tall with shriveled skin, tattered yellow rags hanging off him that were hard to discern whether they were cloth or tattered remnants of flayed skin, a maw of rows of teeth, and tattered cloth binding any other features on its face. He had just a minute to take this in as his head was parted from his body and in the second or consciousness as his head was parted from his body, he saw the splatter of blood on the wall spell out the word "Wake", completing the message "Wake Up Help Me". 

It was at this point the party all awoke from what they realized was a nightmare to the sound of someone screaming "Wake up! Help me!" Taking a moment to take in their surroundings, they found they were all in cells in some sort of basement or dungeon. Outside the cell a man was bound to a table and a woman with pale skin stretched tight over an angular skeleton walked around him, casually digging a scalpel into his thigh. 

As the party struggled to take in their surroundings, the bound man eventually managed to get a foot loose and kick the woman hard in the back causing her to fly up against the bars of Krakrox's cell who managed to grab ahold of her and wrestle the keys from her. From there he managed to get out of his cell and get the others out of theirs as well as the woman jabbed the scalpel into the man's abdomen and fled the room. 

From the bound man you discovered you were in an asylum called Briarstone. He wasn't sure, but he thought you were patients there. He mentioned something about the whole place going to hell before he passed out, and Josiah confirmed he was dead. The four of you then took stock of your surroundings, realized you barely remembered who you were or how you got here, but you all felt very familiar to each other, and some gut instinct within each of you said that you were important to each other, but none of you could remember why. 

Before you had much time to sort through these thoughts, the man who had been bound and you knew to be dead, started to stir, Josiah identified him as some form of undead who was shambling to life. You decided to flee the room and bar the door behind you. In the next room you found what appeared to be the bottom of a trash chute, but instead of trash, there was a heap of bodies beneath the chute all still rotting and relatively fresh. In this room you discovered your belongings, found that the stairs up and out of this place had caved in, but found that you were able to climb to the top of the pile of bodies and shimmy your way up the trash chute. 

Once there you found yourself exiting into a small room that opened out into a courtyard. Above you the sky looked that same sickly yellow of the nightmare you had awoken from. A single door led into the building. Once inside, you found yourselves in a long hallway. One end of it had been barricaded and several guards had crossbows trained on you and ordered you to stay away. You managed to reason with them enough to keep them from shooting you and from them you determined that they feared that you were shape changers, doppelgangers of a sort. Apparently there were a lot of them in the asylum. They seemed very scared and a bit paranoid to say the least. Eventually Captain York came to the barricade to speak to you, he also seemed skeptical. He was convinced you were probably dopplegangers as well, but he offered that if you came back with 3 doppleganger corpses, then he would believe you and let you into their sanctuary. 

You tried to reason with him some more, but he was very firm on this. It seemed he very much wanted to believe you, but he was not going to let himself do so without proof.  


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