Strange Aeons

In Search of Sanity - Part 6

Having concluded that the only way to get to the other wing of the Asylum was to take the garden path out from the sitting room, the party made went back to the temple to rest before venturing forth. That day they also spent some time researching in the Briarstone library and found out some additional info about Briarstone Isle. That night Chesna was awoken by one of the surviving children named Brenton who was having a bout of night terrors. The child was clinging to a Shadow Lantern in his sleep, like it was a teddy bear. Chesna spoke to one of the nurses who was tending him and mentioned that Brenton's brother was also a patient here who got separated in the patient uprising.

The next morning the party made their way outside where they encountered a swarm of baseball sized bugs that looked like a cross between worms and beetles. After dispatching the swarm they started to hear thunder that sounded vaguely like manic laughter. They then made their way into the side entrance of the asylum and found themselves at what appeared to be a receptionist area or maybe a nurse's station. The party was then attacked by large sentient pustules of blood that exploded in bloody filth when attacked. 

Once those were dealt with, they continued on into what turned out to be patient rooms. of the 4 rooms they explored one was collapsed, one held 3 dead figures (2 with yellow robes) where the old man appeared to have bludgeoned the others to death with a sturdy leather boot. The 3rd room held a bed covered in human-shaped carnage where the window had been broken open and yellow mist was spilling into the room. The 4th room was marked in chalk on the walls as "Brenton and Debis's Room", and the only thing of interest found in this room was a pair of carved wooden knights.

Continuing on into the northern halls, the party encountered a collapsed wall and continued past it. Shortly after that as they were inspecting another door, they heard rumbling of rocks and a ghoul appearing to have crawled from the rubble attacked them. 


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